Steam’s New Library Is Now Available for Testing

Those who have opted in to Steam’s beta updates should notice that their library has received a major overhaul. Valve has extended the testing of its library redesign to public users, which means that anyone can update their clients now to get a first-hand glimpse at all of its new features.

The most immediate change is a nice, poster-based layout for all games, but there’s a lot of interesting improvements underneath. One such addition is the ability to create “collections,” or filtered, curated batches of titles. Gamers can turn those into “shelves,” giving them a prominent position on the main library page.

Game pages have also gotten a visual boost, placing developer updates, achievements, community activity, and achievements in quick view. The community stuff seems awfully busy, however.

We’ve done our best to make improvements that we believe evolve the Steam Library experience to make it better and more relevant for everyone. Let us know what you think, we’ll be making improvements throughout the Beta period.


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