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Valve Announces Launch Date for Half-Life: Alyx, but Index Headsets Are Still Sold Out

After more than a decade, PC gamers can finally return to one of the greatest franchises ever on March 23, 2020. That marks 12 years, 5 months, and 13 days since the series' last outing, Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Valve Celebrates the Year of the Rat with Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale, Running through Jan. 27

During this promotion, Steam users can open up red envelopes and win tokens that can be spent on coupons, emoticons, and more on the Lunar Night Market.

Steam Is Coming to Chromebooks, according to Chrome OS’s Director of Product Management

During CES, Kan Liu revealed that Google was bringing official Steam support to Chromebooks. Models with discrete Radeon graphics could also be on the way.

HTC’s China President Admits That His Left 4 Dead 3 VR Announcement Was Just “Speculation”

Valve has also offered a statement claiming that Left 4 Dead 3 doesn't exist, despite the developer having explored "next-gen opportunities a few years ago."

GTA IV Delisted on Steam: Rockstar’s 2008 Open-World Hit Can No Longer Be Purchased

Grand Theft Auto IV can no longer be purchased on Steam. Valve (or Rockstar) hasn't elaborated on why, but it could do with expired music licenses.

Steam Offers New Way to Purchase Soundtracks for Games

Valve announced yesterday, via Steam Community, that they are now offering a new means to purchase game soundtracks.

Congressman Illegally Spends Campaign Funds on Steam Games, Pleads Guilty Years Later

What's the best way to spend campaign funds? For congressman Duncan D. Hunter (R-CA), one answer would...

Valve Refunding $5 Steam Controller Purchases After Mistakenly Taking Too Many Orders

For an item that was 90% off, Valve's $5 Steam Controller remained available for a suspiciously long...

Valve Index Selling Out in Multiple Regions Thanks to “Half-Life: Alyx”

Critics believe that Half-Life: Alyx exists merely to sell VR headsets, but whether that's true or not,...

Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC Coming to Steam December 5

Is this a record for shortest Epic Games Store exclusivity ever? Rockstar Games has announced that Red...