Steam Users Have the Right to Resell Games, French Court Rules

Things may have gotten a lot more complicated for Valve. In a case brought by French consumers group UFC Que Choisir, a Paris court has ruled that Steam users should be allowed to sell their games even though they’re downloaded and not in physical form (e.g., disc).

The decision could have interesting implications for other services that revolve around digital content. Valve will certainly appeal, as the court has ruled against not just one, but several of Steam’s other clauses.

Valve should not keep Steam Wallet funds when users leave the platform, and should reimburse them if requested. Valve should accept responsibility when users are harmed by Steam or something from it, even if it’s marked as beta. Valve cannot claim so many rights to exploit mods and other content uploaded by users. And the ways players can lose access for poor conduct are not sufficiently clear, Next Inpact add.


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