Destiny 2’s Steam Debut Has Been Quite the Disaster

It’s a frustrating day to be a Guardian. Destiny 2’s latest expansion (Shadowkeep) and its free-to-play edition (New Light) launched on Steam today, but Bungie wasn’t prepared for how hard the servers would be hammered. As indicated by the company’s official help account, @BungieHelp, both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 have been taken offline due to “emergency maintenance.”

Many gamers can’t sign in, while others have been placed in massive queues that continue to increase. There were also issues with purchasing Silver (Destiny’s in-game currency for buying customizations), but that seems to have been resolved. It’s hard to say when servers will finally stabilize (according to one poster, the game has been down for over five hours).

Players started experiencing some server stability issues since launch. But after a brief queue, the game started to open for players. An hour or after the launch, Destiny 2’s servers started to melt down. A sizable chunk of players got kicked out of the game and placed in an endless queue. Constant server issues plagued Destiny 2 players who were still in game; they were unable to change their loadout or pick loot up off the ground.


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