Thanks, AMD: Intel’s New Cascade Lake-X Series CPUs Announced with Massive Price Cuts

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Intel has lifted the embargo for its latest stack of HEDT CPUs, Cascade Lake-X. Their level of performance is still up in the air, but one attractive feature will certainly be pricing: some of the Cascade Lake-X parts are nearly 50% cheaper than their last-generation Skylake-X brethren.

Enthusiasts can essentially get an 18-core Intel chip for around $1000 now (Core i9-10980XE 18C/36T). A few of the improvements that Cascade Lake-X introduces is support for 256 GB of quad-channel DDR4 2933 MHz memory (up from 2666 MHz), four additional PCIe 3.0 lanes (48 instead of 44), and 2.5 G Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6 via new X299 motherboards.

The main point that needs to be hammered home with this release is that Intel’s pricing has seen a dramatic shift with Cascade Lake-X. Now, 18-core offering costs less than their last-generation 10-core model, delivering 80% more cores for less money. Intel is offering a lot more value with X299 this generation, which is a huge step in the right direction from a consumer’s standpoint.


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