PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Will Reportedly Have High-Quality Cameras for Game Streaming

Gizmodo has been receiving leaks from someone in the industry who appears to have access to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett dev kits. The leaker, who was the first to out the design of the PS5 prototype (whose alleged codename is “Prospero”), has returned with some new tidbits on both: namely, Sony and Microsoft may be building the consoles with a significant focus on game streaming.

The tipper claims that both dev kits include cameras, with the Xbox Scarlett having the better one (4K resolution, two-frame latency). The Prospero’s uses “older camera technology,” but it should be safe to assume that the final hardware will put the current-gen PlayStation Camera to shame.

And there’s a little more. Both consoles will support ray tracing, but they’ll tackle the intensive technique differently despite both sharing AMD guts. There’s also the claim that this generation will feature the “greatest compute jump in any console.”

The PS4 and Xbox One both have streaming support, but it is not nearly as robust as the streaming solutions found on PC. It’s hard for a single device to handle rendering a game while also dealing with recording and transmitting a stream. The result is that streaming on the PS4 and Xbox One is barebones. In the case of PC gaming, the streaming setup typically involves either multiple computers or one quite powerful machine.


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