NVIDIA’s 7 Nm “Ampere” GPUs Reportedly Coming 1H 2020

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The luster of NVIDIA’s current RTX lineup could be gone by next year. While there have already been reports of green team launching its next-generation parts in 2020, Igor’s Lab believes 7 nm “Ampere” will arrive somewhere in the first half.

There aren’t any specifications to go on at this time, but some believe the transition to a smaller node could bring performance improvements as high as 50%. Whether that’s true or not, Ampere should definitely help make ray tracing more of a practical reality.

It is highly likely that NVIDIA will continue with their RTX philosophy and take that to the next level with Ampere. Right now, the Turing GPU is capable of raytracing at 1080p 30 fps for light to moderate path ray tracing workloads. The Ampere GPU will be able to go further.


Tsing Mui
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