It’s difficult to shine a positive light on Microsoft’s update process for Windows 10 these days. On one hand they do try to address zero day vulnerabilities as quick as possible. On the other it has become a somewhat regular occurrence for users to report updates breaking something else.

The Inquirer has reported on the latest snafu relating to last weeks KB4524147 patch. This patch was supposed to fix some pretty serious security flaws with Internet Explorer and Defender. Yep, there are still some people using Internet Explorer. How serious you ask? Well these particular exploits, if successful, could allow an attacker to gain the user’s rights thru IE. I would say that is pretty serious.

Unfortunately this patch may have fixed these vulnerabilities but it also has caused the print spooler to have issues. To quote Egon, “Print is dead”, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The Inquirer also reports that some users are experiencing a Start Menu bug that can only be fixed thru rebooting.

On the surface these can be pretty minor annoyances but for some they can really add some unneeded stresses to your daily work flow. Not all users will encounter these. At home I have four very different systems and at most usually only see one bug rear it’s ugly head. At work I oversee roughly 30+ workstations and perhaps only one or two may exhibit issues, but I did see the printer bug last week. The workaround right now if you are having difficulties is to manually uninstall KB4524147 which Windows will flag as a required update but be aware of what vulnerabilities you might be left exposed to until their next ‘fix’.