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Latest Windows 10 Update May Delete Files

Updates for Windows 10 have not had the best of roll outs this month. Pretty sure there are those at Microsoft that wish the title of this story read "Latest Windows 10 may delete fails" but that is not the case.

Microsoft Is Testing a New, Groundbreaking Feature for WordPad: Ads for Office Web Apps

The banner ads prompt users into dumping WordPad for Microsoft's modern, web-based office apps, which are free to use ("Try Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free online").

Windows 7 Reaches End of Life Tomorrow, but Users Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

As the OS enters EOL, Windows 7 stragglers are being urged to suck it up and switch to Windows 10, which they can do for free using Microsoft's own Media Creation Tool.

Concept Artist Shows Us What Windows 10 Might Look like If It Were Designed by Apple

What would a Frankenstein version of Windows 10 and macOS look like? Concept artist Kamer Kaan Avdan has the answer.

Windows 7 EOL Looming

The Inquirer would like to remind us that Windows 7 EOL is just around the corner. On...

Microsoft Will Try to Wean Users Off Windows 7 with Full-Screen Notifications Next Year

Microsoft is switching to a more aggressive means of getting people to update to Windows 10.

Windows 10 November 2019 Update Now Available

The "big" Fall update for Windows 10 is here. Unlike previous releases, this one is more of...

Microsoft Confirms Start Menu Error in W10 Cumulative Update; Fix Coming “Late October”

If you're a Windows 10 user who hasn't installed KB4517389 update yet, consider yourself lucky. Microsoft has...

Another Day, Another Windows 10 Update Gone Bad

It's difficult to shine a positive light on Microsoft's update process for Windows 10 these days. On...

Microsoft: There Are Now More Than 900M Devices Running Windows 10

Microsoft is finally nearing its 1B target for Windows 10. CVP of Modern Life, Search, and Devices...