On the lookout for something different with flare. Might want to checkout Deepcool’s new AIO the Castle 360EX White. Sure it’s got addressable RGB but it’s also something you can enjoy looking at with the lights on.

Source: Gamerstorm.com
Source: Gamerstorm.com
Source: Gamerstorm.com

Today’s modern custom builds have come a long way. The market has shown that appearance can easily matter as much as performance. This kit looks like it’s made to achieve a bit of both. They’ve also got you covered with an impressive compatibility list.

Intel: LGA20XX/1151/1150/1155/LGA1366

AMD: TR4/AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1

Some added feature details listed from the product page:

  • Anti-leak Tech Inside, exclusively safe.
  • 25% more skived fins on the back side of the copper base, the heat absorption area extensively increased.
  • Flow route optimized to reduce operation noise and energy loss.
  • 3 specially tuned TF120 S fans are included (in matching the radiator’s properties).
  • Customizable Logo, exciting DIY experience.
  • Ultra large copper base, extensive compatibility (including TR4).
  • 5V Addressable RGB, adjustable through the motherboard, or included the controller.

I have to admit that the CPU cooler remind’s me a bit of a Star Trek Borg eyepiece but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering it is going over a CPU. Another feature is that you remove the logo inside the cooler. They give an optional one in the kit but you could also incorporate your own.

Source: Gamerstorm.com

Tell us what you think. Over the top? Not enough? Maybe just right? Thanks to TechPowerUp for mentioning this one.


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