Intel Refutes Reports of Ray-Tracing Support on Discrete Xe GPUs

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Recent claims surrounding ray-tracing support on Xe GPUs should be disregarded. Intel has reached out to journalists, pointing out that ray tracing was never even mentioned at Tokyo’s IDC presentation. The company also says that the performance gains reported were merely assumptions.

Japanese site recently reported about the IDC presentation given in Tokyo. The slides that were shown at the event were from the Blueprint event that was held a few weeks prior to Computex, so this is not new content or new performance data. We also clarified that our speaker at the event did not mention ray-tracing or refer to the Xe graphics architecture found in Tiger Lake processors as ‘Gen 12’ but the resulting Google translation of this article caused confusion. The mention of the Tekken 7 game adding ray-tracing is a speculation from the Japanese site, and did not come from the Intel speaker. The speaker also did not announce specific FPS targets for next-gen graphics but instead made an assumption based on earlier performance gains that we made.


Tsing Mui
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