PS5’s Backward Compatibility May Include All Previous Generations of PlayStation Consoles

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PlayStation insider @PSErebus’s two-week old tweet teasing the backward compatibility of Sony’s next-generation console is finally picking up steam on gaming sites. To their credit, this happens to be the same individual who correctly outed The Last of Us 2’s release date before it was officially revealed, which adds credence to his suggestion that PS5 will support the entire PlayStation library, from PS1 to PS4.

This theory clashes with some recent comments made by Sony, however. Speaking with Famitsu, the company’s public relations unit stated that the PS5 dev team was still “putting all power on verifying whether they can secure a complete compatibility.” The implication is that not all games may be supported.

Furthermore, Vice journalist Patrick Klepek has added fuel to this fire with a comment made on the Waypoint Radio podcast. “Everything I’ve heard about the PS5 – this is going back full two years now – has been a huge emphasis on ‘history’ and that it’s going to be the sort of thing where it’s not just about the future, but also about the past; that means your ability to play lots of those games.”


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