5.20GHZ on a Intel i9 9900KS!

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WCCFTECH has reported on Redditor user FR33_L35T3R posting their newly acquired Intel Core i900KS overclocking to 5.2GHz, all cores, right out of the box. See their Cinebench below:

So it would seem there is a little headroom for these premium chips after all. He did this using a ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Mobo, a core/cache voltage set to 1.36V, and surprisingly using 2666MHz DDR4 ram. They are planning on upgrading to 3600MHz soon though. FR33_L35T3R stated ” It’s my first own desktop PC, first CPU I ever installed and am total OC noob, definitely not deserving exclusive access to this CPU :)”

At stock settings and using a Noctua NH-D15 the CPU hit a peak temperature of 83°C. A little toasty but not too bad. Average temperature was reported as being around 75°C. As a fan(pun intended) of air cooling I find it exciting that someone is using one on a i9 9900ks but obviously liquid would probably take it higher but this is no ordinary air cooler, see below from the product page.

Source: Noctua.at

Something tells me that we will be seeing quite a few similar posts in the coming months as more of these reach the wild. A fast chip to be sure!


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