Arctic Releases the Freezer TR 50 ARGB CPU Cooler

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ARCTIC has released the latest entry into their Freezer line up of CPU Coolers. Meet the Freezer TR 50 ARGB which, with the TR moniker, is aimed at Threadripper solutions. The “A” in ARGB being addressable RGB. I have to admit that as various manufacturers limit the amount of RGB exposure on their products I’m loving it more.


Amazon currently has a price of $64.99 putting this on a little of the higher end of the pricing spectrum but still within reach of most. Using dual towers, matching fans, and eight heat pipes it arrives to the party ready to keep things cool.


From the product page:

The ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR is a dual-tower CPU cooler with two P-series fans in push-pull configuration. It is an extremely powerful cooling solution for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU, capable of efficiently and quietly cooling CPUs of 32 cores and beyond. The Freezer 50 TR is also ARCTIC’s first CPU cooler equipped with fully addressable RGB, granting you totally customisable illumination and unique colour combinations for your PC.

It should be noted that Guru3d picked up on some print on the back of the box mentioning that it will support up to both 32 and 64 core CPUs with a TDP up to 250w. Well it seems that we’ve got some heavy duty air cooling options still available in 2019 for even the beefiest of rigs.


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