EA Remasters-Crysis Anyone?

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EA has been in the news recently with their announcement of coming back to Steam. Well they’ve also announced their are working on ‘remasters’. Some people will rightfully cringe at such a statement. It often reflects nothing more than updated versions of games to make them console friendly. However, in some cases, it also benefits the PC community by updating older games to newer API’s allowing them to perform better with newer technology.

OC3D had reported on a potential rumor about Crysis remasters in August when Crytek released a trailer for their newest engine. In that trailer there were images that looked very much like some scenery from Crysis. Well as the rumor mill churns OC3D is reporting that EA is planning on remasters coming in 2021.

The franchise is famous for the “Can it run Crysis” meme. It was also famous for continually running the most state of the art features and API with every release. From DX12 to potential Ray Tracing, HDR, 4k, there’s a plethora of things that these games could benefit from now.

Crysis anyone?


Peter Brosdahl
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