Rockstar Games has released their launch trailer for Tuesday’s, November 5th, Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release.

Once again we are treated with being able to see it in 4k/60 fps. TechPowerUp has reported that the game will have HDR and an in-game photo mode. They’ve also confirmed that it will not have raytracing but if the game is anywhere as demanding on hardware as GTA V was then that’s probably a good thing.

I purchased it via the Rockstar launcher a couple of weeks back and checked this morning and can confirm that pre-load is now available. Normally I’m indifferent for something like that but with a 109GB download it seemed like a good idea to get out of the way. Happy to say their server was able to saturate a 400Mbps connection and the download took roughly 40 minutes. Those with faster connections will obviously not worry about it but others less fortunate will need to set some time aside.


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