BioWare to Celebrate Dragon Age’s 10th Anniversary on 12/4: DA4 Announcement?

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It’s already been ten years since the first Dragon Age title launched. BioWare has announced that it will be celebrating the franchise’s 10th anniversary on December 4 (Dragon 4ge Day), and some people seem to think the tweet alludes to a potential Dragon Age 4 reveal on that date. A teaser trailer for DA4 was released about a year ago, so it’s about time fans got some new details.

My guess is that Bioware may reveal another CG trailer for Dragon Age 4. I’m merely guessing here so take it with a grain of salt. Still, I’ll be really surprised if we actually get an in-engine trailer. That is of course if the trailer is not another “smokes and mirrors” trailer like the E3 trailer for Anthem.


Tsing Mui
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