4K Gaming Is a “Useless” Gimmick Designed to Sell New Tech, Says Playdead Co-founder

Resolution and graphics fidelity are paramount to the gaming experience, right? Not so, according to Dino Patti. During last week’s Reboot Develop conference, the Playdead (Limbo, Insider) co-founder suggested that 4K was merely a gimmick for enforcing hardware upgrades: “I think it’s useless,” he said. “It’s something that’s being pushed by tech vendors to push the next console.

I want to select a path by myself and not be drawn in by money from tech vendors. There’s a lot of people that see something shiny and follow that. You can definitely see all the herd walking one way and falling.

[Manufacturers] don’t respect the natural evolution of games and you force technology. Microsoft with Kinect, they paid studios to make a lot of shitty games.

Other industry veterans at the event had similar thoughts. Klang Games co-founder Guðmundur Hallgrímsson, who is working on a new title called Seed, claimed that graphics don’t matter because the most dedicated gamers “lower all settings in order to get the maximum performance.” And Chet Faliszek, a Valve writer credited on Portal, Left4Dead, and Half-Life 2, said graphics don’t “change the game in a meaningful way.”


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