Intel Called Out for Publishing “Intentionally Misleading” Benchmarks Against AMD’s EPYC

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Gasp! Intel has been caught red-handed in an attempt to undermine AMD’s EPYC chips with dishonest benchmarks. As discovered by data-center enthusiast site ServeTheHome, Intel’s Performance Strategy Team published data that claimed its Xeon Platinum 9282 processor offered 31% higher performance than AMD’s EPYC 7742. There’s just one problem: Intel appears to have knowingly used outdated software (GROMACS 2019.3) that didn’t even include basic Zen 2 optimizations.

One can only conclude that Intel’s “Performance at Intel” blog is not a reputable attempt to present factual information. It is simply a way for Intel to publish misinformation to the market in the hope that people do not do the diligence to see what is backing the claims. Once one does the diligence, things fall apart quickly.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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