Every Game Will Have Ray Tracing in Two or Three Years, Claims Tencent Zombie Game Dev

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Ray tracing was only introduced to the mainstream gaming community last year through NVIDIA’s RTX graphics cards, but the feature will be ubiquitous in just two or three years. That’s according to Next Studios’s Clark Jianyang Yang, who is working on battle-royale zombie title Synced: Off-Planet. Yang thinks ray tracing is an absolute must even for modern titles, mainly for future proofing: “Later on if you don’t do that, people will say, ‘Man, this doesn’t look good enough.'”

“We wanted to make sure it’s in the game, because if you’re looking two or three years from now, every game will have that feature,” Yang explains. “That will be the new standard. Ray tracing is not only for reflection or shadow, it can be a lot of features, like the global illumination, for example. We will be making sure that the fidelity of the game looks realistic [because] later on if you don’t do that, people will say, ‘Man, this doesn’t look good enough.’ We want to get the experience of how it works, and later on the future that will benefit us very well.”


Tsing Mui
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