The 20 Second Zero Gravity Pit Crew

Here at Finding Performance Statistics we usually focus on tech, or more specifically, computer related statistics. It’s Friday and I’d thought we could look at a particularly unusual, impressive statistic. How fast can you do a pit stop in zero gravity?

For many of us, the love of fast things, doesn’t stop with a box in our homes. This one has it all. State of the art car, plane, and a fast crew to boot. Aston Martin teamed with Red Bull for an unusual challenge. Red bull is a well known for their sponsorship of Xtreme sports and hosting a number of Xtreme challenges. This time they’re taking it to an all new high. A twenty second zero gravity pit stop for an F1. The team went to Russia to get a ride up to 33,000 feet in a Ilyushin il-76 MDK training plane used for cosmonauts.



Peter Brosdahl
As a child of the 70’s I was part of the many who became enthralled by the video arcade invasion of the 1980’s. Saving money from various odd jobs I purchased my first computer from a friend of my dad, a used Atari 400, around 1982. Eventually it would end up being a lifelong passion of upgrading and modifying equipment that, of course, led into a career in IT support.

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