NVIDIA: HDMI-VRR, Adaptive-Sync Support Coming to Future G-SYNC Displays

NVIDIA is loosening the restrictions behind its proprietary hardware and software implementation of VRR, G-SYNC. The company has told TFT Central that future native G-SYNC displays would be capable of supporting not only HDMI-VRR, but VESA’s Adaptive Sync over HDMI and DisplayPort. Acer’s latest Predator monitors alluded to this change: the X27 P supports HDMI-VRR, while the XB273 X supports both HDMI-VRR and Adaptive Sync over DisplayPort.

This new firmware is being used now for future Native G-sync screens, and the Acer Predator XB273 X is the first we’ve seen advertised with these new features. We confirmed with NVIDIA that it will NOT be possible to update firmware to any existing Native G-sync screen, or request updates to allow your current G-sync screen to be updated so that it would work with AMD graphics cards. The new firmware will only be applied to future G-sync module displays.


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