Tesla’s Low-Poly Cybertruck Has Already Received 146,000 Pre-Orders

Tesla’s “bulletproof” glass may have shattered in a cringeworthy and embarrassing display, but the reputation of the Cybertruck was evidently left undented. Elon Musk took to Twitter today to boast about the vehicle’s appeal by revealing that he had already received 146K orders for the low-poly, PSOne-era model. Electrek broke down the numbers: RWD (24,820), AWD (61,320), and Tri Motor AWD (59,860). That’s over $8 billion, which isn’t too shabby for something that the entire internet seems to be laughing at.

It compares to Tesla securing 180,000 Model 3 reservations within the first 24 hours after the unveiling in 2016. However, Tesla was requiring a $1,000 deposit to place a pre-order at that time. As for the Model Y, Tesla never released reservation numbers for the electric crossover, which was unveiled in March of this year.


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