Not gonna lie Mr Musk. Give me one of these and I’ve got the experience to test off road and have some fun. I know some specialists locally we have some spots to really make it fun. I still wouldn’t want to see it it my driveway or in the garage when it opens upon coming home. I feel a little dirty even posting a pic of this thing. My luck it will become that wave of the future and I’ll need to install another type of bag for drives home when I see them on the road. No officer, I didn’t have anything to drink, I just saw a Cybertruck and had to pull over.

The Verge has posted an early test video of the new Cyber Truck:

You know that earlier in the year Harley Dadvidson posted about an electric model.

Most might look at it and think something along the lines of something as the newest thing from far east. The new Cybertruck gives a far more regurgitating effect. Gotta give it some credit though. The Verge has reported on how ‘roomy’ it feels and those of us with larger frames will like that. With a price around a Model 3 or Y, you are getting into something special here but don’t get fooled that options can’t hike up the price. There’s plenty of options to boot. The Verge has indicated that in their reivew that you could easily forget about what you’re driving in after a very short while and Mr. Musk has made comments bragging about it’s capabilities.


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