Netflix’s, The Witcher, Is Already Getting Positive Remarks

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Only a couple of weeks away from the Netflix debut of The Witcher and some early posts on reddit have indicated fairly positive remarks. With the review embargo in effect until it’s release on December 20th users are limited on what they can post but it doesn’t look like Netflix has anything to worry about. It seems that casting Henry Cavill as the famed Geralt of Rivia is proving to be good choice early on.

One user posted:

“The look of the show is solid. Sets, costumes, and effects are great – nothing to worry about on that end. The fight choreography is insane. First fight Geralt gets into is beautifully savage. The blend of swordplay and Geralt’s signs is perfection… I’ve watched this fight scene four times already. You’re in for a treat.”

and another:

“Plowed through the initial screeners for Netflix’s THE WITCHER, and I’ve gotta say: I’m quite liking it! I’ll have more to say about it when the embargo drops, but it’s well-cast, smartly-structured, and nicely paced. Good, solid pulp-fantasy nonsense.”

Could it be that we’d be so lucky to have not just one but two successful series launch in under 60 days? With Disney’s recent launch of The Mandolorian many are already making comparisons that The Witcher could be the next big thing.


Peter Brosdahl
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