Rumors of Intel’s Discrete GPUs Not Going Well: Low Efficiency, Poor Drivers, Lack of Support

The development of Intel’s Xe-based discrete GPUs may not be going smoothly. According to Chiphell’s resident leaker, wjm47196, progress “does not seem to be going well” for a variety of reasons, which include the efficiency of the architecture being “relatively low” and drivers needing “a lot of time” for improvement. Another claim is that AIB models will be nearly non-existent, as GPU manufacturers currently have no interest in Intel’s product. Lastly, the 7 nm “Ponte Vecchio HPC GPU may not launch until 2022.

So coming back to the rumor, it is further stated that at present, the efficiency of Intel’s Xe GPU architecture is relatively low and isn’t looking really good compared to NVIDIA or even AMD’s current GPUs which are based on 12nm & 7nm nodes, respectively. The Intel Xe GPUs for consumer solutions may either be based on 14nm or 10nm process but Intel has not confirmed this yet. Intel’s 14nm production is already constrained as we speak with the blue team being unable to fulfill orders of major OEMs.


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