343 Industries Endorses Modding on Halo: Reach PC: Enable Mods with a Simple Command

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The Halo prequel is set to have a very long shelf life. While Halo: Reach is a great game in itself and comes with plenty of multiplayer modes to keep fans interested, 343 Industries has opted to enable mod support for the PC port to ensure it’ll be supported and enjoyed for many years down the line. According to an employee posting as “343_farn” on the official Halo subreddit, players will be able to turn modding on with a command that bypasses the game’s anticheat systems, allowing for the campaign mode and customs to be modified.

Hi! We’re still working to improve this down the road, but for now you will have an option when you launch to bypass anticheat. This will allow you to play around with campaign and customs but not allow you to play any match made games. I highly suggest making a copy/backup of anything you modify so you’ll be able to switch back and forth easily.


Tsing Mui
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