NVIDIA was quizzed by numerous analysts during today’s Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference, many of whom were curious as to just how well the company’s RTX graphics cards were doing sales-wise. According to CFO Colette Kress, NVIDIA is very pleased with their market adoption, claiming that ray-tracing GPUs now comprise two-thirds of the overall boards that it sells in the desktop segment. There is suspicion that Kress had included GTX cards in her calculations, however, and oddly enough, she also suggested that gamers could buy a ray-tracing card for just $100.

NVIDIA seemingly seeing its GTX graphics card sales as counting towards the burgeoning ray tracing ecosystem would seem a mite disingenuous. Though without having the sales figures available it is possible that two thirds of NVIDIA sales are RTX cards, and all Kress is referencing is the fact that it has ~$100 GPUs for gaming on sale, as well as ultra-enthusiast cards for those who wish to get involved in ray tracing.


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