Pablo Escobar’s Brother Selling Foldable Smartphone That Can “Only Be Destroyed by Fire”

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The Escobar name may be synonymous with cocaine, but Pablo’s brother would prefer to engage in a more legitimate business: smartphones. Roberto Escobar has begun selling a foldable phone called the Escobar Fold 1, which has a screen that is supposedly “almost unbreakable,” the “most durable telephone screen on the market.” It costs $349 and runs on Android.

…half-blind and half-deaf from a letter bomb that went off close to his face in prison in 1993, Roberto has dreams of becoming a smartphone maker by following in the footsteps of Samsung with its Galaxy Fold. “We want to beat the competition,” Gustafsson told CNN. “We figured out very fast that if we make a good telephone that folds for a reasonable price, we can sell many units. And that is what is happening now.”


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