Intel Revives Discontinued 22 Nm Haswell Pentium Processor: Supply Issues Likely to Blame

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At Intel, discontinued doesn’t necessarily mean discontinued. Nor does it believe that 22 nm silicon is obsolete. The company has decided to resuscitate the Pentium G3420, an outdated 22 nm Haswell-based processor that was originally extinguished back in 2015. Intel didn’t specify why it is doing this, but the popular theory is that the 14 nm shortage has gotten so bad that blue team is being forced to fill in the gaps by dusting off old tech.

The Pentium G3420 is a dual-core, HyperThreading-less chip built on the obsolete 22nm process node. The 53W processor rocks a 3.2 GHz base clock and slots into LGA1150 motherboards. In this day and age, we doubt any consumer would pick up the Pentium G3420 so the chip’s revival is likely to benefit OEMs


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