Wireless Charging Coming to the Next iPhone?

Wireless charging has been around for a number of years on a variety of phones. In the last couple we’ve even seen mice with charging pads. While the technology has not taken a dominant foothold it has crept into different arenas.

According to MacRumors a new ‘high end’ wireless charging iPhone will be getting released in 2021. This would seem to be a gain but it should be noted this would be facilitated by removing the phones only remaining port, the lightning port. This could make the iPhone the world’s first port-less phone. Abandoning cables altogether could be beneficial but it remains to be seen how it would affect file transfers.

Have you used wireless charging tech? Tell us your experiences in the forums.


Peter Brosdahl
As a child of the 70’s I was part of the many who became enthralled by the video arcade invasion of the 1980’s. Saving money from various odd jobs I purchased my first computer from a friend of my dad, a used Atari 400, around 1982. Eventually it would end up being a lifelong passion of upgrading and modifying equipment that, of course, led into a career in IT support.

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