New BioShock in Development

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2K has formally announced both a new studio, Cloud Chamber, and it’s first project. Fans of the BioShock franchise can now look forward to another installment being in the works. It’s been just over six years since BioShock Infinite was released. Many fans wondered if there would be another.

BioShock is one of the most beloved, critically praised and highest-rated franchises of the last console generation*. We can’t wait to see where its powerful narrative and iconic, first-person shooter gameplay head in the future with our new studio team at Cloud Chamber leading the charge.” -David Ismailer, President of 2K games.

Cloud Chamber is a wholly owned studio by 2K games. It has headquarters based both in Novato, California and Montréal, Québec, Canada. Development is expected to take the next couple of years according to their blog page.


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