Latest Alleged Specs for Next-Gen Xbox Consoles: 3.5 GHz 8-Core CPU, Up to 16 GB of RAM

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Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but judging from all of the recent rumors, it should be safe to assume that “Project Scarlett” actually comprises two systems: “Anaconda,” the powerful Xbox One X successor, and “Lockhart,” which will replace the S model. Despite the duo’s disparity on the power totem, Windows Central’s sources claim that both will carry an eight-core CPU “targeting around 3.5 GHz.” Anaconda will be blessed with more memory, however: “13 GB of RAM for games, with 3 GB on the OS a total of 16 GB.”

We’ve been told that while many games will function across generations, next-gen features such as ray tracing for dynamic reflections and the like will most probably be exclusive to Lockhart and Anaconda, requiring new APIs that come as part of Game Core OS (which is also part of the Windows Core OS effort we’ve been covering). That said, Scarlett will be able to run all previous-gen games that are available on Xbox One today, including backward compatible games as Microsoft has already announced.


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