Movies Are Getting Patched Now: Universal Is Updating “Cats” with “Improved Visual Effects”

Image: Universal Pictures

Patches are no longer reserved for video games, as the film industry has sunk to a new low.

For whatever reason, Universal had released its live adaptation of “Cats” before the special effects were finished. The studio is now sending thousands of theaters an updated version with “some improved visual effects.”

According to those who saw the earlier, rushed version, characters’ feet could be seen clipping through the floor. There were also other visual anomalies, such as Old Deuteronomy’s (Judy Dench’s character) hand being human.

“Cats” is already a critical and financial disaster. The film opened to $6.5 M and scored just 19% on the tomatometer.

The updated movie will be available to download Sunday via a satellite server, while exhibitors who don’t have access to the server will receive a hard drive by Tuesday, per Universal’s note. The studio is asking that theaters replace the current print of Cats as soon as possible.


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