With Zen 2, AMD managed to increase IPC performance by a surprising 15%. The latest rumors suggest that history will repeat itself.

Red Gaming Tech and 3D Center are reporting that Zen 3 will bring an average IPC gain of at least 17%. More specifically, integer operations are expected to see a performance increase of 10 to 12 percent, while floating point operations could improve by as much as 50 percent.

Clock frequencies are more of a mystery, but sources claim that the engineering samples for Zen 3’s server parts (Milan) are seeing gains of 100 to 200 MHz. Red Gaming Tech points out that this improvement won’t necessarily translate to the desktop parts, however.

Ryzen 4000 core counts will reportedly mirror the current-gen stack.

I dug a little more into core counts for Ryzen 4000, as early this year a different source had told me core counts would remain consistent, albeit with IPC enhancements. Two of the people I spoke to said that to their knowledge, core counts for Ryzen 4000 would match Ryzen 3000, if only for things like platform reasons too (you can make of that as you will, but likely memory bandwidth would be one big example).


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