Concept Artist Shows Us What Windows 10 Might Look like If It Were Designed by Apple

Image: Kamer Kaan Avdan

With Apple and Microsoft coming from completely different schools of design, it’s interesting to imagine what Windows 10 might look like if it were crafted by the former.

Concept artist Kamer Kaan Avdan has taken the liberty of doing just that with his new video, which blends Windows 10 with the MacOS aesthetic.

It’s a potential treat for those who aren’t fans of Microsoft’s blocky design and prefer a more rounded UI.

Avdan also snuck in plenty of Apple functionality, such as a top-oriented menu bar and AirDrop/iCloud integration in File Explorer.

There’s even a look at dark mode and dynamic wallpapers.

Apple has a reputation for producing stylish and elegantly designed hardware and software products. Microsoft, well, not so much.

Windows 10 under Microsoft’s control isn’t a bad looking operating system, but even after all these years it still doesn’t feel quite finished, with elements of the old design cropping up in various places.


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