Thanks, Netflix: “Witcher 3” Sets New Player Count Record on Steam Four Years After Release

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Image: CD Projekt Red

More people are playing “Wild Hunt” on Steam than ever before, and it’s in large part to Netflix’s “Witcher” adaptation.

Earlier this afternoon, Marcin Momot (CD Projekt Red’s Global Community Lead) pointed out that “The Witcher 3” achieved a new record of 93,835 concurrent players.

The feat is doubly interesting, being that “Wild Hunt” came out over four years ago in 2015.

Now that (good) TV shows are a sure-fire way of giving game franchises tons of new exposure, could more be on the way?

Also helping increase the player count is the fact that The Witcher 3 is currently on sale on Steam. So a bunch of folks might have just finished up the show and decided to buy the game and keep experiencing the adventures of Geralt.


Tsing Mui
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