AMD’s High-End (Navi 21) Radeon RX GPU Rumored to Be Twice as Powerful as Current Flagships

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Image: DaQuteness

Several alleged specifications for AMD’s high-end Navi 21 GPU have begun circling on China’s PTT BBS.

The rumor is that it will offer twice the performance of today’s best Navi 10 cards, such as the Radeon RX 5700 XT.

That’s because Navi 21 supposedly flaunts a die that’s twice as big as Navi 10 (505 mm2 vs. 251 mm2), trouncing even the Vega 20 (331 mm2).

Considering the Vega 20’s transistor count (13.2 billion), the Navi 21 GPU could easily feature at least 14 or 15 billion transistors.

GDDR6 memory also seems to be a given due to the increased area (and specs of the current 5000 series).

With that said, the clock speeds have not been stated yet which would play a bigger role in determining the final performance of the card. Also, it should be said that a GPU of this size would consume a lot of power and a TDP around 275-300W is a given since the Navi 10 GPU has a TDP of 225W.


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