We’re Live From CES 2020

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We’ve made the trek from our underground bunker to Las Vegas where we’re attending the 2020 installation of the Consumer Electronics Show. You’ll see that the site menus have been rearranged a bit to make it easy for you to find our CES coverage.

Image: The FPS Review

The above picture is from the CES Unveiled event that happened earlier this evening at Mandalay Bay. We saw previews of a number of the innovation award winners and other interesting new technology – you’ll see a few more news postings go up on that.

Our general schedule for wandering the exhibit halls is as follows:

  • Monday 1/6 – Lian Li in the morning, AMD and Intel Keynotes in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday 1/7 – LVCC (Gizmos and Gadgets)
  • Wednesday 1/8 – Sands (Gaming/Networking)
  • Thursday 1/9 – Venetian (Computer Hardware)
  • Friday 1/10 – Anything we’ve missed and a flight home

For those playing along at home, the exhibitor list can be found here. If there’s anyone you want us to drop by, make sure to mention them in the discussion thread. We’ve also got a handful of meetings scheduled with manufacturers that are not official attendees and those will be sprinkled in throughout the week.


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