New Renders Reveal What the Back of the Xbox Series X Actually Looks Like

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Image: Microsoft

An honest look at the Xbox Series X’s backside has been published just a day after AMD’s little goof.

According to a drawing and 3D render based on Thurrott and Windows Central’s sources, the rear of Microsoft’s next-gen console will sport one HDMI port, one optical (S/PDIF) port, two USB-A SuperSpeed ports, one Ethernet port, and one figure-8 power connector. These are flanked by two grill openings for air intake.

There’s also a long, inch-deep rectangular port. Its purpose is unknown, but Thurott believes it could be used for debugging purposes (meaning it won’t appear on retail units).

Windows Central points out the lack of an HDMI-in port and IR Blaster. That implies that the Xbox Series X won’t support the TV integration features of the Xbox One.


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