AMD CES 2020 Keynote Recap

Turning to 2020

AMD began the next segment of its keynote by now talking about what it is going to bring for 2020.  It was stated that 2020 is going to be a bigger year than 2019.  AMD’s theme for 2020 is all about bringing the best to the market.   To start this new focus for 2020 AMD is directly focusing on bringing the best to gamers and creators.  AMD talked about how gamers want higher performance CPUs and GPUs and how creators want more capability and more productivity.  AMD also talked about the next-generation 8K and wanting to bring that reality to creators.


The first piece of hardware AMD talked about for 2020 is related to laptops.  AMD wants to bring the best laptop experiences in 2020, they want to change the laptop form factor and level of experiences you can get. 

In 2020 AMD will be producing the best laptop processor ever built.  AMD is bringing the Zen 2 core to laptops, the same Zen 2 core that is in Ryzen 3000 desktop CPUs.  This means 7nm CPUs in laptops finally for the most power-efficient designs with 20% lower SOC power and 2x performance per watt.

Brent Justice
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