2020 Bigger than 2019 for AMD


On Monday, January 6th, 2020 in Las Vegas at CES, AMD held its CES 2020 Keynote at 2 PM PT.  The keynote was live-streamed and our own Editor-In-Chief David Schroth was live in attendance snapping pics and asking all the hard questions.  This article will serve as a recap of the keynote and all the important announcements and our thoughts as well as contain additional information given to us during press meetings with AMD.

The Year of 2019

AMD started the keynote off by going over the phenomenal year that 2019 was and how even more exciting 2020 will be.  AMD’s focus is on high-performance computing.  When you think AMD, high-performance computing is what AMD wants to come to your mind.  It is how AMD brings high-performance computing to the market and to your everyday lives.

To do this AMD focuses on three things, its products, its partners, and about great technology.

AMD then went into talking about its products for 2019.  The introduction of Zen 2 cores at 7nm and how this allowed great Ryzen CPUs, Threadripper CPUs, and Epyc CPUs.  AMD also talked about its introduction of the 7nm RDNA architecture in Radeon products and that this is just the start of a whole new generation of GPUs.  AMD has its hand in every cookie jar, all CPU markets, and discrete graphics leading technology and manufacturing.  AMD also talked about its partnerships that help put AMD products into the hardware.  

The third part of AMD’s products is its disruption, by introducing leading technology in 2019 pushing the industry forward.  7nm leadership, chiplet design, RDNA Radeon architecture, and new Zen 2 CPU Cores.  These technologies push the envelope.

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