MicroLED (OLED’s Successor) Could Enter Mainstream Usage in 2024, Starting with Large Displays

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Image: Samsung

Nobody is sure when the first MicroLED TVs and monitors will arrive, but DIGITIMES believes that the display technology could be widely used by the commercial sector in 2024. The theory is based on a newly developed manufacturing process that should improve yields and decrease production costs.

As DIGITIMES explains, MicroLED is ideal for larger screens (over 100 inches) because the panels can be easily “mosaicked into 110-, 220-, 440-, 790-inch or even larger displays.” This gives the technology an edge over LCD or OLED for commercial applications, but extravagant pricing remains its greatest obstacle.

The present manufacturing costs of large MicroLED displays are an eye-watering $50,000 per square meter. That’s an absurd amount compared to 75-inch 4K LCD TVs ($500 to $1,500 per square meter) and 77-inch OLED TVs ($3,000 to $6,000 per square meter).

That said, MicroLED appears to be a proven technology that will likely supplant OLED in the coming years. Samsung has already demonstrated its viability with “The Wall,” a massive, 292-inch display that comprises millions of tiny LEDs.

Unlike OLED, MicroLED is said to be immune to burn-in because it doesn’t rely on organic compounds, which can rapidly age.


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