InWin Shows Off New Kit at CES

We stopped by InWin’s booth on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center to check out their latest offerings. They brought a number of new cases as well as their initial AIO water cooling kits.

InWin Diey

InWin introduced me to Diey (translates to “Butterfly”) case that was hanging out in its booth. It’s InWin’s 10th Generation Signature Edition PC chassis and it has hands down more bling than any case I’ve ever seen. It has room for up to an E-ATX sized motherboard, includes a 360mm AIO cooling solution and a pair of power supplies (1200W and 320W). More uniquely, it has 80 “Ocean Blue scales” that form a shroud around the PC and are illuminated by ARGB lighting. The scales are individually motorized and along with the ARGB lights can put on a variety of light shows.

To start a light show, you’ve got to ask the built in personal assistant to do so or make the appropriate gesture motion to get it started (yes, it can see you too). A quick “Jarvis, play a light show” and we were off to the races. InWin says that future integration is coming to Alexa and Google Assistant.

The white base that the Diey hangs on is white as it serves as a projector screen. That feature wasn’t installed for the CES demo, but the intent is that the projector can provide mood lighting, company logos or other displays to augment the experience.

InWin says that pricing will vary based upon what features get installed as these sell. As it was configured at CES, I was told it would run about $14,500.


Image: The FPS Review

ALICE has been out for a few months at this point, but it’s still something that’s a bit different than other cases on the market. It looks like a plastic crate when displayed without its cover and is marketed more towards being a test bench that allows fast access to components. The cloth cover that you see at the bottom of the case pulls up to the top covering all of the parts beneath. It has room for a 360mm radiator setup and can mount up to a 300mm long GPU. We see them on Amazon for $55.

InWin SR24 and SR36 AIO CPU Coolers

Image: The FPS Review

InWin is making a new entry into the CPU cooling market with their 240mm and 360mm AIO units. They will work with the usual Intel and AMD desktop sockets as well as the TR4 Threadripper socket. The AIOs feature a dual pump design for increased waterflow and the InWin logo on the top of the cooler will flash red and blue in the event it detects an issue (overheating, pump failure, etc). InWin expects to see these to the market in the near future.


David Schroth
David is a computer hardware enthusiast that has been tinkering with computer hardware for the past 25 years.

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