Rumor: Knights of the Old Republic Is Getting a “Re-imagining” That Lines Up with Disney Canon

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Image: BioWare

Whispers of a remake have been in the air since 2015, but the fabled retread of BioWare’s Star Wars classic, Knights of the Old Republic, could finally be in the works. Geek-culture site Cinelinx has heard from two independent sources that the RPG is back in development.

That’s pretty interesting news in itself, but one of these sources provided an additional nugget. Apparently, the Knights of the Old Republic remake won’t be your average makeover, but more of a “sequel” or “re-imagining” that will make minor (or major) changes to the original.

The point of this is to “bring certain things” in line with Lucasfilm and Disney’s current Star Wars canon. There’s no indication of what could be changed, but revised side-quests and dialog options seem like definite possibilities.

These changes may not necessarily sit well with long-time franchise fans who haven’t forgiven Lucasfilm for re-branding the Expanded Universe as Star Wars Legends and declaring it non-canonical as a whole. There have been plenty of controversial additions since then, such as Kyber (lightsaber) crystals being colorless in their natural state. (The color is now a reflection of the wielder’s soul or allegiance.)

That said, Cinelinx does point out that much of KOTOR’s lore has been canonized. Maybe the remake won’t be that different after all, assuming it’s really in development.

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