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EA Shifts Need for Speed Development from Ghost Games to Burnout Studio, Criterion

EA is giving the keys to the racing series back to UK-based studio Criterion Games, which is best known for the high-speed, crash-heavy Burnout series. Their last NFS title was 2012's Most Wanted.

BioWare Isn’t Giving Up on Anthem: Sci-Fi Loot Shooter to Undergo “Substantial Reinvention”

Following a year of terrible reception, Anthem is finally getting a much-needed overhaul. This won't be a mere update or expansion, but a major project to address the sci-fi shooter's ongoing problems.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Exceeds Sales Expectations, Improving Sequel Odds

Respawn's action-adventure is expected to sell 10 million copies by March, which confirms that there's plenty of interest in single-player, story-driven titles.

Rumor: Knights of the Old Republic Is Getting a “Re-imagining” That Lines Up with Disney Canon

The long-rumored KOTOR remake is reportedly back in development, but it could be more of a "sequel" that features big changes from the original.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Patch Fixes Game-Breaking Dathomir Issues, Invisible BD-1

With Respawn Entertainment's latest patch, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order players should no longer fear visiting Darth...

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Breaks Sales Records: Best Digital Launch in Series History

Is there still a market for single-player, narrative-driven games? Yes, yes there is. Case in point: Respawn...

BioWare Could Be Planning a Complete Overhaul for Anthem

Is it too late for Anthem to capture the hearts of online shooter fans? BioWare doesn't think...

BioWare Luring Mass Effect Fans Back to Anthem with Paid Javelin Cosmetics

Today is N7 day, and BioWare is celebrating with a collection of Mass Effect-inspired skins for Anthem....

EA’s Steam Catalog Will Support Cross Save and Progression Sharing with Origin

Nobody likes dealing with multiple launchers for a single game, but at least they'll be consistent. According...

First Gameplay Teaser Released for Command & Conquer Remaster

EA and Petroglyph Games (whose members happen to comprise former Westwood Studios staff) have released the first...