Eve Spectrum: Crowd-Developed Monitor to Feature World’s First 240 Hz 1440p IPS Panel

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Image: Eve

After a year of development, Eve has unveiled the design and panel specifications for its crowd-developed lineup of “Spectrum” monitors, which were derived from the input of over 4,000 gamers, coders, and designers. The community effort appears to have paid off, as the displays offer a well-rounded feature set that should satisfy plenty of users.

Multiple versions of the Spectrum are planned for release later this year. While all of them will sport the same design language (a steely, minimalist aesthetic coupled with a nearly bezel-less frame), there are three different panel types for prospective buyers to choose from: a 144 Hz QHD IPS (QHD144), 240 Hz QHD IPS (QHD240), and 144 Hz UHD IPS (UHD144).

The 240 Hz variant is arguably the most interesting, in that it’s the first 1440p IPS panel to support such a high refresh rate. While 240 Hz QHD monitors are available on the market today (e.g., Lenovo’s Legion Y27gq-25), these are of the TN variety, which are generally worse in terms of color reproduction and viewing angles.

All of these panels are G-SYNC compatible and FreeSync Premium Pro certified for tear-free gameplay and HDR support (the QHD144 supports DisplayHDR 400, while the QHD240 and UHD144 support DisplayHDR 600). They also come equipped with a plethora of relevant ports, such as HDMI 2.0a, DisplayPort 1.4, and USB Type-C. The latter supports USB PowerDelivery, so the monitor can be used to charge external devices.

Eve’s Spectrum monitors ship with a $99 stand by default, which offers 13 centimeters of height adjustment, 24 to 8 degrees of tilt, and 90 degrees of rotation. Users who prefer VESA mounts can remove it from their configuration, however.

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