Resident Evil 8 Rumors: First-Person View, Zombies, Ethan and Chris Redfield to Return

Image: Capcom

In an attempt to reinvent the franchise, Capcom made drastic changes to Resident Evil’s reliable but decaying formula for its seventh (mainline) title. The most major of these was the adoption of a first-person viewpoint, which continues to be criticized and derided by old-school fans to this day. Unfortunately for them, the next game is said to follow closely in RE7’s footsteps.

According to new information received by fansite Biohazard Declassified, Resident Evil 8 will, once again, force players to explore and shoot their way out of horrific scenarios in first person. That’s disappointing news for older RE fans who prefer the classic third-person view (or, for some, RE4’s over-the-shoulder gun play).

Capcom’s choice is somewhat surprising, as critics of RE7 have been pretty vocal. The Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remakes have also convinced some fans that the developer would be reversing gears and returning to the franchise’s original, beloved play style, but that doesn’t look to be the case.

Another interesting rumor here is that Resident Evil 8 “will not be called Resident Evil 8.” Instead, it’ll have a “clever title.” That seems a little hard to believe (Capcom does want to sell the game, right?).

Gameplay wise, RE8 will reportedly begin “in a village leading up to a castle.” That environment, which could be Europe, will be “rural, snowy, and mountainous.”

“Regular” zombies will also make a return, although it isn’t clear whether the black, gooey “Molded” from RE7 have been completely displaced. Additionally, there’s a new “persistent shadowy ‘female’ enemy” that dissipates when shot, as well as “wolf-like creatures.”

But who’s the star? Ethan from RE7, apparently. Chris Redfield (who was playable in the “Not a Hero” DLC) also makes a comeback.

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