Ubisoft Releases Pair of Tom Clancy Game Updates

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Ubisoft has been busy with a couple of updates for both Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Rainbow Six Siege. For Ghost Recon update 1.1.0 has been released. Full(too many to list here) patch notes can be found here.

Some highlights for Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

  • Download Sizes: Xbox One- 14.7 GB, PS4- 13.7 GB, PC 11.3 GB
  • Fixed a crash occurring in snow regions when flying too high while playing on PC. This was reported on the following graphics cards: Nvidia GTX 1080, Nvidia GTX 980, and several cards from the AMD Radeon line.
  • Players who previously lost their thermal/night vision will get it back after loading their save.
  • Players who previously lost their water canteen or binoculars will get them back after loading their save.
  • Improved AI behavior
  • Difficulty tweaks
  • Fixed issues:
  • 1. Where the sound for an incoming SAM launcher missile would not play when approaching the player’s helicopter.
  • 2. Sometimes players respawned with minor injuries after a KIA.
  • 3. Players to respawned under the map if they lost connectivity during the opening screen and went back to character creation.
  • 4. Players might get stuck when pressing both LT + LB/L1 + L2 while prone if they had the rocket launcher equipped.
  • 5. An issue that set the default graphics card to the integrated GPU and prevented players from updating it after.
  • 6. An issue where EMP Grenades MK.2 were not available to buy in Maria’s shop, despite unlocking the EMP Grenades skill. In the previous TU, we prevented the issue from happening again; this TU retroactively fixes the issue for already affected players.

There’s the better part of around a hundred items listed in the patch notes so players on the lookout for something in particular should go to their site to search if needing something particular.

For Rainbow Six Siege the list is a bit smaller but the main thing to note is the addition of the Vulkan API. The PC patch rolls out today, January 28th, and consoles will receive theirs tomorrow. Full patch notes for Y4S4.3 can be found here.


  • Time was increased for all weapons
  • Penalization will only apply when Blackbeard’s Gun Shield is equipped.
  • Weapons without the Gun Shield will maintain the same ADS timings as any other AR while weapons with the Gun Shield will retain the same ADS timings from before.
  • Echo can now be called by Dokkaebi.
  • Reduced recoil on Scorpion Evo3 for the first 16 shots, any proceeding shots will retain previous recoil pattern.
  • Candela’s now have a new outline that is visible only to Ying.
  • Improved distribution of Cluster Flashes to make the flash more reliable.
  • Number of pellets per Candela increased to 7 (up from 6) – (1 at floor level, 3 at around hip level and 3 at head level).
  • Pellets detonation time reduced to 0.3s (from 1s on throw and 2.5s on deploy).
  • FIXED – Attachers can sometimes go through barricaded windows while attempting to hotbreach without detonating the breaching charge and crashing if Lesion is pushed back by an airjab while trying to pull out a GU mine at the same time.

Like Ghost Recon there’s many other items in the patch and if a player is looking for something in particular they should go to the site to look it up.

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