Possible New Intel CPU Spotted

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Image: Intel

UserBenchmark had an interesting score show up recently and this time around it potentially resembles the upcoming Lakefield product line. Popular twitter user, @TUM_APISAK, has come across scores for a i5-L16G7 processor. This particular CPU has an unusual twist though. We commonly see core/thread counts with a base 2 or base 4 count. This one is 5 core/5 threads which seems similar to some European automotive engines.

Tsing reported on Jim Keller speaking about Lakefield back in July. He stated that Lakefield would use a stacking approach. This could increase transistor density by 50% over the 10nm fab. TechPowerUp likened it to an ARM big.Little SoC in that it has one larger core paired to four smaller ones. It then uses a scheduling for workload balancing and a Gen 11 iGPU to provide the graphics solution.

Image: Intel

TPU goes on to note nomenclature changes for Intel’s recent CPU announcements. The top tier chips such as the i9 10980XE that Dan reviewed use 7 characters while this one uses only five. There are seemingly logical guesses as to the new naming strategy. The “L” may very well represent Lakefield. “G” could indicate the iGPU. Other numbers could be model or tier related. Further releases and announcements will likely elaborate on this.

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